Sports Injuries

At Galway City Physiotherapy, we offer one-to-one physiotherapy management with specialised treatment programmes developed specifically for your individual need. We use techniques and treatments that ensure a speedy and healthy recovery with an influence on  hands-on manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

Our goal is to help you meet yours

Sports Injury ClinicOur chartered physiotherapists are professionally qualified to diagnose and treat problems with the muscles, joints, nerves, tendons and ligaments. Physiotherapy treatment will improve your symptoms of pain, decreased flexibility, mobility or strength, and help you return to your sport.

Sports Injury Treatments

  • Joint mobilisation and/or manipulation, soft tissue massage and stretching.
  • Dry needling and acupuncture techniques.
  • Education in injury specific home exercise to encourage self management
  • Instruction in gym programmes and stability training.
  • Electrotherapy treatment.
  • Taping, bracing and prescription of foot orthotics to protect injured tissues
  • Testing of joint function prior to returning to sport
  • Gait analysis and biomechanical evaluation of sporting techniques.

Beatrice McGinley, of Galway City Physiotherapy, has helped our members immensely. The advice, practical tips and in depth explanations  given to these men, on how to do pelvic floor exercises properly, has exponentially increased their recovery time from radical prostatectomy surgery. It is all the more prominent in those lucky men who sought advice from Beatrice before their surgery. This has made a huge difference not only to their physical health, but also to their mental health.


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