At Galway City Physiotherapy we offer specialised treatment in the management of women’s health issues. This includes ante- and post-natal care, menopausal problems, incontinence, pelvic pain and osteoporosis.

Treating women through all stages of life.

At Galway City Physiotherapy, a chartered physiotherapist specifically trained in the field of women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction will discuss your symptoms with you. She will then give you a physical examination and propose a course of treatment to aid your recovery. Treatment may include manual therapy, electrical stimulation or an exercise programme.

  • Do you you suffer from urine leakage, running to the toiled often, or a feeling of lack of control of your pelvic floor?
  • Do you have problems with leakage from the bowel?
  • Do you suffer from prolapse of the womb, bladder or bowel?
  • Do you suffer from pain in the buttocks, pubic or pelvic areas?
  • Do you have discomfort when having sex?
  • Do you suffer from vaginismus?
  • Do you have issues with bone density and osteoporosis?
  • Do you have less muscle tone and control of the stomach and pelvic muscles since pregnancy?
  • Have you had a gynaecological surgery, e.g. Hysterectomy?

If so, then perhaps physiotherapy can help you.