What is Physio and why should I see a Chartered Physiotherapist?

What is Physio, and why should I go to see a Chartered Physiotherapist in Galway?


Physiotherapists are highly qualified health professionals who will work with you to help you get better after injury, sickness or pain and to stay well. At GCP we have a great relationship with the medical community in Galway and throughout the country, and work closely with GPs, consultants and other health professionals to plan and manage treatment, work towards getting you to a better place and achieving your goals. 


We base our treatments on evidence-based practice, and individualise treatment to the person sitting in front of us. No two people are the same, and no two people will present in the same way with the same condition. Our Chartered Physiotherapists will listen to your story and what brings you into the clinic. We will assess, diagnose and treat as the patient’s needs require. If your condition is not appropriate for physiotherapy to manage, we will help you find the appropriate professional to see. We can treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders, help repair damage, improve mobility and quality of life, and restore function, strength and endurance. We also strive to prevent injury and promote health. Physiotherapy will lead you through rehabilitation from injury and illness, manage chronic disease, educate you on health promotion and managing conditions, as well as acute care and pain management, occupational health, biomechanical issues and aging well.


While it is well-known that physiotherapists treat and manage injuries, people are increasingly seeking out physiotherapy to help them take control of their health, to move well and to stay well. 


What to expect from a typical physiotherapy session at GCP


A typical session is unique to the patient’s needs and what they present with. Our Chartered Physiotherapists are highly-trained clinicians with a wide range of interests and experience. Have a look at our Meet the Team page to see who might be most appropriate for your needs at any given time.


A typical session lasts 30-40 minutes. Please consider the complexity of your injury or condition, and if you have more than one issue going on. Many of our specialist consultations involve assessing and management of chronic complex conditions. These often require a longer session for the initial consultation to allow for a thorough assessment, a comprehensive treatment plan to be drawn up and education for the patient of what’s involved. If you’re unsure what might work best for you, our administrative team are excellent at helping you figure this out. 


In our initial consultation, we will work with you to figure out what’s going on, give you an explanation of your injury or condition, set goals for where you want to get to, and talk you through a treatment and/or prevention plan designed to fit with your lifestyle. Any onward referral, investigation required or consultation with your GP will be discussed as appropriate. We will begin treatment in some form in the first session, so have a think about what clothing may be best for allowing us to assess and treat effectively. 


Book here today to make an appointment with one of our team of Chartered Physiotherapists. All our physios are members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP), Coru registered and we continue to work in line with HSE and government advice with regards Covid-19.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us on info@galwaycityphysiotherapy.com, fill in the form here or ring our helpful administrative staff on 091 769912.