M.I.S.C.P. B Sc Physiotherapy (Hons) Degree

Photo Martina Regan.

Mark graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 2007 with a B.Sc Physiotherapy (Hons) degree. Initially he worked in Ireland in a private practice setting and also worked alongside his local senior club hurling team and Special Olympics Ireland. He then moved to the USA where he spent the next 12 years working in a variety of clinical settings in both Massachusetts and California.

Mark was fortunate to work in a highly progressive Boston clinic which combined physiotherapists and chiropractors working collaboratively. Here he developed his manual skills and certified in the Graston method of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation.  He later continued his training with instruments, becoming certified in the use of Rocksblades.  In California, he spent 5 years in a large outpatient clinic. Here he gained extensive experience working with geriatric and neurological disorders including falls prevention and stroke rehab and completed further education in these areas.

Mark enjoys working with a variety of conditions including back neck and joint pain. He has a special interest in dealing with chronic pain. He has a wealth of experience in working with the older population with neurological, balance and strength deficits and uses manual and exercise therapy to progress their recovery.

Mark relocated back home to Galway in 2019 with his family and joined Galway City Physiotherapy in 2020. He has always been interested in the outdoors, played rugby as a youngster and enjoys golfing, surfing, hiking and camping.