M.I.S.C.P., BSc Physiotherapy. MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Manipulative Therapy), BSc Physiology and Health Science, MSc Sports and Exercise Nutrition (Current)

Photo Martina Regan.

Dave graduated with a Physiotherapy Degree from Teeside University in 2008 after first completing a Physiology and Health science degree from Carlow IT.  He later completed his MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice (Manipulative Therapy) at Teeside University in 2015 and is now a clinical specialist in Musculoskeletal Therapy (CPMT).

Initially Dave worked for 2 years within the NHS in a large primary care trust in the north east of England, which involved managing a general musculoskeletal and orthopaedic caseload. Within this position, Dave worked closely with the orthopaedic team and was involved in the rehabilitation of patients following elective surgery.

He then took a role with a private company in Newcastle upon Tyne with a large occupational health business. Dave continued to work within the public health system in the UK, but also branched out to include treating private and occupational patients. He gained vital experience and training in occupational health working with various group clients including a large multinational production factory. He was involved both with ergonomic and work based assessment and management of work-related injuries with individual clients.

Throughout this time, he continued his professional development and post graduate study. Dave has completed his training in acupuncture with the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. He is presently in his final year of completing a Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Sligo I.T. This will further enhance the advice he can give his sports clients on how nutrition can directly improve performance and aid in faster recovery times from injury.

In 2014 Dave relocated back to the West of Ireland and started working at Galway City Physiotherapy. He is one of our senior therapists and specialises in the clinic in the assessment and treatment of work related neck, back and upper limb injuries.  Dave has a special interest in treating lower back pain, complex regional pain and sports injuries. He loves working in particular with endurance athletes with overuse injuries and team sport players with longstanding back and hamstring problems.  Dave has a strong background in manual therapy and hands on treatment but also feels that helping the client understand their injury and have a good rehabilitation plan is of vital importance.

Dave has a strong sporting background himself having competed in athletics, Gaelic football, rugby and soccer. While working in the UK, he continued to play football with Cu Chulainns GAA in Newcastle and was involved in playing and coaching the men’s team. He is an accomplished duathlete and has completed a number of endurance sporting events including The Race in Donegal.

Outside of work, his life is now taken up by family and bike racing.