Physiotherapy In The Workplace

Galway City Physiotherapy will look after your team, so your company will look after itself.

Physiotherapy is clinically effective and cost effective in the provision of occupational health services and getting people back to work

At Galway City Physiotherapy we have specialist knowledge in the field of work related injury management. We can help with the prevention and treatment of work related musculo-skeletal disorders and the evaluation of an individual’s capacity to work at a given job.

Common work-related problems are:

  • Back and neck pain arising from poor work postures.
  • Work-related upper limb disorders (WRULD).
  • Manual handling injuries particularly back injuries in the industrial and healthcare sector
  • Industrial or farming accidents.
  • Hand injuries.
  • Problems arising from workstation design or incorrect use of equipment.

Assessments can be completed at the workplace or at our clinic and includes a detailed assessment of:

  • The pain and symptoms.
  • Mechanism of the injury.
  • Predisposing factors.

Specific treatment of the injury/problem could include the following:

  • Therapeutic Exercise – stretching, strengthening, correction of muscle imbalance, postural correction.
  • Manual Techniques – joint mobilisation and manipulation, restoration of normal tissue mobility.
  • An explanation of the nature of the problem.
  • Advice with respect to prevention of re-injury or recurrence of the problem in the context of the job/task.
  • Assessment of the individual’s ability to return to a certain type of work.
  • An exercise programme specific to the individual and their workload to avoid or reduce chronic disability.


No matter what the nature of the work, Galway City Physiotherapy has the skills and ability to assess an individual’s physical activity within the context of their job. We will with provide expert treatment and prevention of problems. We seek to prevent as well as treat problems, which can have benefits such as reduced sickness absence and improved staff retention.


Reasons to choose Galway City Physiotherapy


Improved staff wellbeing and health.

We will collaborate with businesses to improve staff wellbeing and ultimately the resilience of a workforce.


Reducing absenteeism

Early assessment and treatment by a specialist occupational physiotherapy can reduce sickness absenteeism and work-related injuries.


Increased performance

Our knowledge and experience in this area is efficient and effective, we can help your employees stay healthy and fit, and your business stay profitable.


Financial savings

Early intervention in the workplace will reduce the length of time lost to injury.


Quality provider

Galway City Physiotherapy has work with businesses in Galway for over 15 years. We have provided services to variety of companies in Galway. This has included office based workers, medical device companies and within the Public Sector.