At Galway City Physio we treat and manage many people with chronic pain syndromes of varying severity.

We employ active management programmes specific to each individuals needs. Treatment focuses on education, physio treatment techniques to help with pain relief and also exercise prescription and progression to allow paced progression back to normal activity and increased levels of fitness and function.

We work closely with GP’s, pain consultants, pain psychologists, orthopaedic specialists and rheumatologists to focus on a multidisciplinary approach to pain management.

“Back has been in great shape since I saw you last. Did the daily stretches and strength exercises (3 times a day) for a solid 2-3 months and it has snapped me out of it, almost completely – best I’ve been for 8 years! So overall, thank you so much – you are my fifth physio, and the only one to ever get any results (you can put that on your website!)”
Inflammatory Arthritis A.S.