Galway City Physio offers treatment to men through all stages of life with pelvic floor dysfunction. A Chartered Physiotherapist specifically trained in the field of men’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction will discuss your symptoms with you. She will then give you a physical examination and propose a course of treatment to aid your recovery .

Treatment will involve advice and education as well as manual and exercise therapy. Sometimes electrical stimulation devices are recommended. We will often devise a specific exercise programme for you to target pelvic floor and core muscles and general body strength.

You may be suitable for one-to-one exercise rehabilitation sessions or perhaps be ready to join one of our MOVE small group rehab exercise classes led by one of our physiotherapists.

Each person is different and requires an individualised approach to aid your recovery.

  • Do you suffer from urine leakage / Urinary Incontinence, Urinary Frequency/running to the toiled often , or a feeling of lack of control
    of your pelvic floor or bladder?
  • Do you suffer with post void dribbling ?
  • Do you have problems with leakage from the  bowel of wind or faecal matter called faecal incontinence?
  • Are you due to have  prostate surgery soon ?
  • Do you have problems with pelvic muscle or bladder control since your prostate surgery?
  • Do you suffer from pain in the buttocks, pubic or pelvic areas?
  • Do you have discomfort or difficulties when having sex?
  • Do you suffer from a burning, tingling or inflamed sensation in the pelvic area , penis or pubic area?
  • Do you suffer from prostatitis?

If so, then perhaps physio can help you.

"Beatrice McGinley, of Galway City Physio, has helped our members immensely. The advice, practical tips and in depth explanations given to these men, on how to do pelvic floor exercises properly, has exponentially increased their recovery time from radical prostatectomy surgery. It is all the more prominent in those lucky men who sought advice from Beatrice before their surgery. This has made a huge difference not only to their physical health, but also to their mental health."
PSA Ireland
Prostate Support & Awareness Ireland